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Designer Royal Trio : Elephant , Camel & Horse

₹ 660.00

Decorate your home and office walls with these little wonders (Miniature paintings) from the royal land of artistry Rajasthan. This Indian traditional painting on silk cloth depicts the Trio Elephant –Horse –Camel. Elephant is symbol of Good Luck , Horse is symbol of Power and Camel is Symbol of Love. Style your drawing room with these exclusive miniature paintings sure to be admired by your guests.


Product Description

Features :
• Handmade sheet Border.
• Use of stone colours on silk cloth.
• Multicolor.
• Size of silk cloth (L X W) – 23 X 9.5 cm
• Size of Handmade Sheet card (LXW) – 27.5 X 17 cm
• Unframed
• Includes 3 Paintings on one silk cloth 1 Elephant , 1 Horse and 1 Camel.


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