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    ₹ 1,520.00

    All of us have special people in our lives for whom one gift is simply not enough. For them, here’s a special set of gifts, which not only works for every occasion but for every mood as well (even the terrible ones).
    It comprises a set of 8 Envelopes, where each envelope is meant to be opened in the event of a specific mood only. Inside each envelope is a little gift to go with the mood.So whether s(he) is feeling angry, bored, naughty or in need of some sweet love, there is a box to cheer him or her up.


    Product Description


    Below are your choices for Open this when…
    Mood of the box
    …you miss Home
    …you are crying
    …you feel alone
    …you are angry
    …you need a Hug
    …you need a Laugh
    …you are Bored
    …you are happy
    …Its your Birthday


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