Our Story

The name RMantra , Handmade Reloaded imbibes  passion for handmade products,and the tagline aptly goes Refined by Hands, Run by Heart. RMantra started off as a part time venture through workshops , classes, and sessions in various societies of Udaipur including women and children .These workshops gave valuable insights on the huge untapped talent of young girls and women in various crafts. Humbled by their talent, skills, and resilience, the founders decided to provide a platform for these underprivileged women to showcase their talents.  Finally, in 2015 RMantra was independently registered as Partnership Firm under Indian Partnership Act , 1932.

We want to encourage creativity in society, especially among women and faceless artisans  providing them a market place for their products . Since its inception RMantra has grown slowly but steadily and has successfully conducted several exhibitions , catering to different sectors of business, and residential apartments and getting an over whelming response for the products at each place. The positive responses have ­given us strength to achieve and strive for much better in the future. It’s been an exciting and fulfilling experience so far….and the journey has just only begun.